Covid Facts – An effort to gather knowledge for mere lethals

Covid Fact was made because we felt a need for it. A place where we could collect knowledge in the form of links to factual articles from credible sources so we and other could pull out whenever needed. Either to give weight to an argument or to make it easier to gather information to be able to influence politicians and other people with the power to change things for the better and improve mitigation and prevention of Covid-19 in schools, workplaces etc.

About us

And who are “we”? It is me and my wife, and to some degree some of our friends and likeminded internet acquaintances who share our view that we should always do our best to keep the number of Covid-19 infections as low as possible. For us personally, me and my wife, it begun with us struggling with the zero mitigation policies that rule Swedish schools. We have children that we want to be able to attend school safely without risking getting infected by Covid.

Who am I? I’m Peter Lindberg from western Sweden, since two years back living in the countryside on a farm (without farming). I am a commercial photographer and videographer, once educated to to become an electronics engineer. Always been a science buff and interested in medicine and technology. For the last 20-ish years also very much a climate activist in my (and nowadays my family’s) decisions and actions. Wifey shares my opinions and views in pretty much everything important.

Our goals on our home turf – and why!

To put it short; The Swedish authorities and government (both current and former, the former being the one forming the policies) has decided it is a good idea to gamble the health of the Swedish population and even more, of its children, against keeping the economy open. That instantly proved a crappy idea since the Swedish economy has done worse than most other comparable countries that did implement a lot more mitigation measures than Sweden. It is a horribly bad idea to gamble on a new, multi organ, novel virus that we didn’t know anything about not leaving any health issues in its path just on sheer ignorance. And since the first decisions were made, officials have refused changing policies. Actually, while the first Omicron wave still was in pretty much full swing then government and parliament voted to drop the classification of Covid-19 as a society threatening disease. All mitigation everywhere was removed. Even hospitals and elderly homes dropped mask requirements. It was all in on “let it rip”. And by then, it was known that pretty much every child contracting Covid does get damaged health in one way or another, like heart-damage and micro clots. And pretty soon after it was confirmed that Covid-19 kills and exhausts T- and B-cells, the same thing that happens to untreated HIV-patients.

Letting children getting infected by SARS-Cov-2 over and over again is nothing else than abuse. Sweden and and officials for authorities, governments, schools and and towns play Russian roulette with our children’s health and lives. We have no idea what their health will be like in 10, 20 or 30 years. Maybe the majority will be fine. Maybe “only” 10% will have their health and lives destroyed? Maybe it will be much worse? The thing here is that we don’t know.

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You can reach us through e-mail: info@macmannen.se

Since in Sweden we are at CET – Central European Time, Greenwich +1. Don’t expect answers during off hours,