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COVID-19’s impact on the immune system, and how this may affect subsequent infections

Covid-19 opens up your immune defense for further infections.

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Comment: Long Covid was a preventable Tragedy. Some of us saw it coming.

Brian Vastag is a former science reporter for The Washington Post. He here writes about the similarities between Long Covid and ME/CFS. And how Long Covid could have been prevented.

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Schools Are Significant Sites Of Covid Transmission

Swedish health authority Folkhälsomyndigheten among a few others, UK government etc, have claimed that children don’t spread Covid and that schools aren’t driving the spread. Most epidemiologists disagreed from the very start and just watching statistics on age groups have given proof to the view of schools actually being the major force in driving the pandemic. Here is solid proof. That’s why it is very important to use counter measures in schools in order to slow down spread in society as a whole.

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1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men in EU may develop Long Covid, WHO says

Most people seem too be ignoring the risk themselves wether they will contract Long Covid or not. Even though the risk is 20-33% depending on wether you are a man or a woman. A large portion of the population will regret their approach on Long Covid.

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The “All about children & Covid” link-page

Here we are trying to put all the important links on children and Covid, be it Long Covid, vaccines, mitigation etc we will put them here.

Heart inflammation among most common long COVID conditions in children

38 studies on Covid and its most common impacts on the health of children and adolescents

British Medical Journal on not protecting children during the pandemic (school mitigation etc)

Blood vessel damage in children

How to improve indoor air quality

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends masks in schools for everyone over 2, regardless of vaccinations

Neurological risks and damages in children infected by Covid

Your Kid’s School Needs Better Ventilation to Help Keep COVID-19 in Check

New symptoms found in COVID-infected children raise concerns in Hong Kong

Blood clots, heart problems, kidney failure: COVID creates a higher risk for rare pediatric health problems, new CDC study finds

BA.2.75 BA.4 BA.5 Breathing protection Children Ffp2 KN95 Long Covid Masks N95 Omicron Protection Respiratory Schools Transmission Transmission and mitigation Vaccines

Children over 2 should wear masks in school/daycare

Yes. 2 year olds can wear a mask. It isn’t dangerous and the children get used to them really fast.

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BA.4/BA.5 bivalent mRNA vaccines approved

The new updated versions of Moderna’s and Pfizer/BioNTech are here and approved. 5 common questions answered.

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Updated mRNA vaccines: same protection as original version

The updated vaccines from Pfizer – Biotech and Moderna unfortunately doesn’t add any additional real world benefits over original versions.