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Some kids have long term lung damage after Covid-19

Both children with long covid and those considered fully recovered showed reduced lung capacity after covid. Both ventilation and perfusion (oxygen getting through to the blood) showed significant decrease compared to the control, group. Albeit a small study, this tells us that Covid-19 is certainly not harmless for children and that a large percentage contract lung damage even in mild infections.

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Universal Masking In Schools Work; Data Shows How Well

It is kind of obvious that mask should make a difference. especially if we are talking respirator masks (N95/Ffp2/Kn95 etc) that are designed to protect the bearer from patogens like viruses. What we have sort of lacked is a real world comparison between a larger number of schools that keeps mask requirements and schools that remove mask requirements. And the result is clear: it makes a big difference. The first link is to the Time article about the NEJM published study.

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Long Covid kids – coagulation and blood clots

Blood clots affect all ages.

Extended coagulation profile of children with Long Covid: a prospective study
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Even Mild Covid Is Linked To Brain Damage

Yep. Once again, mild acute infection doesn’t mean your out of the woods; it is still pretty likely you will end up with brain damage. Enjoy…