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Coronavirus (Covid) causes chaos in infected cells’ RNA

When a cell gets infected by SARS-Cov-2 it causes chaos in the cells RNA functions in many different ways and ultimately creates havoc in how the cell functions.

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A New (Old) Drug Joins the COVID Fray, and Guess What? It Works

Hre is a easier to understand article about the study on Pegylated Interferon Lambda that was published here earlier. And yep. 50% reduction in risk for severe covid and death.

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Early Treatment with Pegylated Interferon Lambda for Covid-19

Results for early treatment with pegylated interferon lambda shows improved outcome for majority of patients.

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How long Covid reshapes the brain, and how we might treat it

Covid affects the brain. For almost everyone that gets infected. Have you lost smell and/or taste at some point, you can be sure it has altered your brain.

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Long Covid & micro-clots?

Some research indicates that micro-clots have a big part in forming Long Covid.

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It doesn’t work on Covid-19. Don’t believe the hype.