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Universal Masking Works – Fewer Students And Staff Get Covid-19 In Schools

To anyone at least little read up on the matter, the news that universal masking lessens the number of infected students and staff in schools comes as no surprise, as fewer viruses in the air means less risk for infections. Now there is even more proof.

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In Short: Masks Work. Wearing Them Protects You From Covid-19.

It sort of says itself: if you put a filter in the stream of air entering your mouth and nose, you get fewer “things” entering your respiratory system. And respirators are very good at catching viruses.

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Covid-19 Seriously Weakens Your Immune System

A few scientists early on suspected that Covid-19 damage important parts of the immune system in a way that opens up for other infections and cancer. They were right.

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The Explanation For Brain Fog From Covid-19

Many, not only long Covid patients, experience so called brain fog after being infected with SARS-Cov-2. Now scientists at Karolinska Institutet have discovered why: broken connections in the brain.

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Millions have Long Covid: more expected to get it.

Long Covid is a big deal. It has the ability to potentially wreck a nations economy. And it destroys lives. Read more here.

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Covid & hjärnan: Viruset kopplas till nedbrytning av hjärncellernas förbindelser

Att Covid-19 påverkar hjärnan har vi vetat ett par år redan, men hur och varför har inte varit helt klarlagt. Här kommer en ytterligare pusselbit.

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Exhausted T-cells never fully recover

More and more proof sees the light of day that Covid-19 at least to some degree affects T-cells and either kill them or exhaust them. This is bad news as we have a finite number of T-cells and it also means that the more Covid-infections we have, the fewer working T-cell we will have.

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“A tsunami of Long Covid cases..”

48% has remains fatigue after covid. That’s a lot. To put it short.

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On the lookout forn viruses that could leap from animals into humans

As humans push further and further into animal habits and their space decrease, the risk of transfer of harmful patogens increase. It might have been what happened with Covid-19’s SARS-Cov-2.