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What SARS-CoV-2 Does to the Body (2nd Edition, July 2023)

An extensive compilation of links to studies and statistics on what SARS-Cov-2 does to your body, brain etc. And it is way worse than most people know.

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COVID-19’s impact on the immune system, and how this may affect subsequent infections

Covid-19 opens up your immune defense for further infections.

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Safety and Effectiveness of SA58 Nasal Spray against COVID-19 Infection in Medical Personnel:An Open-label, Blank-controlled Study

Nasal spray vs Covid-19? Yes, this is a preprint of a study of a broad-spectrum antibody against COVID-19 as a nasal spray. The result is protection of above 70%. Read more via the link below.

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Universal Masking Works – Fewer Students And Staff Get Covid-19 In Schools

To anyone at least little read up on the matter, the news that universal masking lessens the number of infected students and staff in schools comes as no surprise, as fewer viruses in the air means less risk for infections. Now there is even more proof.

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In Short: Masks Work. Wearing Them Protects You From Covid-19.

It sort of says itself: if you put a filter in the stream of air entering your mouth and nose, you get fewer “things” entering your respiratory system. And respirators are very good at catching viruses.

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Universal Masking In Schools Work; Data Shows How Well

It is kind of obvious that mask should make a difference. especially if we are talking respirator masks (N95/Ffp2/Kn95 etc) that are designed to protect the bearer from patogens like viruses. What we have sort of lacked is a real world comparison between a larger number of schools that keeps mask requirements and schools that remove mask requirements. And the result is clear: it makes a big difference. The first link is to the Time article about the NEJM published study.

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Italian Study: 6 Air Changes/Hour Cuts Infections 82%!!

Air-Cleaners & Ventilation Matters!

This important study shows the importance of excellent ventilation! This pretty much confirms the results of a number of smaller studies including those with Corsi – Rosenthal boxes.

This is of course applicable to offices and other indoor settings as well. Ideal is of course to improve ventilation, but air-cleaners can be a viable solution as long as you get the air filtered at least 6x per hour, as shown in other studies (link coming soon).

Combining the air cleaners with FFP2/N95/KN95 masks would likely stop spread of the virus in the setting pretty much 100%. Even with super-spreading variants of Omicron BA.5 and later dominating.

This overturns all the desinformation from big players like the Swedish Public Health Authority Folkhälsomyndigheten and Koch sponsored desinformation machine Brownstone Institute.

First the link to the Reuters article, second lik is to the study itself.

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Comment: Long Covid was a preventable Tragedy. Some of us saw it coming.

Brian Vastag is a former science reporter for The Washington Post. He here writes about the similarities between Long Covid and ME/CFS. And how Long Covid could have been prevented.

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Schools Are Significant Sites Of Covid Transmission

Swedish health authority Folkhälsomyndigheten among a few others, UK government etc, have claimed that children don’t spread Covid and that schools aren’t driving the spread. Most epidemiologists disagreed from the very start and just watching statistics on age groups have given proof to the view of schools actually being the major force in driving the pandemic. Here is solid proof. That’s why it is very important to use counter measures in schools in order to slow down spread in society as a whole.

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1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men in EU may develop Long Covid, WHO says

Most people seem too be ignoring the risk themselves wether they will contract Long Covid or not. Even though the risk is 20-33% depending on wether you are a man or a woman. A large portion of the population will regret their approach on Long Covid.