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What SARS-CoV-2 Does to the Body (2nd Edition, July 2023)

An extensive compilation of links to studies and statistics on what SARS-Cov-2 does to your body, brain etc. And it is way worse than most people know.

Adults DNA Genetics Immune system Long Covid Long Covid Research Resulting illnesses Severe Covid Study The Virus Treatment

Coronavirus (Covid) causes chaos in infected cells’ RNA

When a cell gets infected by SARS-Cov-2 it causes chaos in the cells RNA functions in many different ways and ultimately creates havoc in how the cell functions.

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Brain Structure, Widespread Connectivity Changes Seen With Long COVID

Covid-19 widely affects your brain. Might explain why some people’s personalities changes.

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A New (Old) Drug Joins the COVID Fray, and Guess What? It Works

Hre is a easier to understand article about the study on Pegylated Interferon Lambda that was published here earlier. And yep. 50% reduction in risk for severe covid and death.

Antiviral treatment Pegylated Interferon Lambda Research Study Treatment

Early Treatment with Pegylated Interferon Lambda for Covid-19

Results for early treatment with pegylated interferon lambda shows improved outcome for majority of patients.

Cardiovascular conditions Children Heart disease Heart lesions Hospitalisation Hyperinflammation Immune system Research Resulting illnesses Study The Virus Vascular damage and desease

COVID-19 Heart Lesions in Children: Clinical, Diagnostic and Immunological Changes

Why heart lesions in children happens as a result of Covid-19 infection.

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Safety and Effectiveness of SA58 Nasal Spray against COVID-19 Infection in Medical Personnel:An Open-label, Blank-controlled Study

Nasal spray vs Covid-19? Yes, this is a preprint of a study of a broad-spectrum antibody against COVID-19 as a nasal spray. The result is protection of above 70%. Read more via the link below.

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In Short: Masks Work. Wearing Them Protects You From Covid-19.

It sort of says itself: if you put a filter in the stream of air entering your mouth and nose, you get fewer “things” entering your respiratory system. And respirators are very good at catching viruses.

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Exhausted T-cells never fully recover

More and more proof sees the light of day that Covid-19 at least to some degree affects T-cells and either kill them or exhaust them. This is bad news as we have a finite number of T-cells and it also means that the more Covid-infections we have, the fewer working T-cell we will have.

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On the lookout forn viruses that could leap from animals into humans

As humans push further and further into animal habits and their space decrease, the risk of transfer of harmful patogens increase. It might have been what happened with Covid-19’s SARS-Cov-2.