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The Inflated Risk of Vaccine-Induced Cardiac Arrest

Antivaxxers claim vaccines kill. They are simply wrong; ignorance kills. And Covid-19.

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Brain Structure, Widespread Connectivity Changes Seen With Long COVID

Covid-19 widely affects your brain. Might explain why some people’s personalities changes.

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Covid-19 affects our brains. Those of us still uninfected can notice how people around us change after their first bat with the virus. In long covid it often continues…

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Dette skjer i kroppen ved long covid, ifølge ny oppsummering av forskning

Det sker mycket i kroppen när man får Covid-19, och långcovid innebär att det inte tar slut, utan förvärras ofta med tiden. Här här en norsk genomgång.

Adults Brain damage Cardiovascular conditions Heart disease Immune system Long Covid Lung damage Neurological Damage Organ impairment Respiratory Resulting illnesses Study The Virus Vascular damage and desease

Multi-organ impairment and long COVID: a 1-year prospective, longitudinal cohort study

Covid-19 affects the whole body, every organ and tissue. Here is another study on the subject, giving more knowledge meat on them bones.

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A New (Old) Drug Joins the COVID Fray, and Guess What? It Works

Hre is a easier to understand article about the study on Pegylated Interferon Lambda that was published here earlier. And yep. 50% reduction in risk for severe covid and death.

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Early Treatment with Pegylated Interferon Lambda for Covid-19

Results for early treatment with pegylated interferon lambda shows improved outcome for majority of patients.

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Immune regulation of bone loss by Th17 cells

The disregulation of cells and immune system (TH17 helper cells) caused by Covid-19 infection can lead to bone loss and inflammatory states in the skeleton and joints including arthritis.

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COVID-19 Heart Lesions in Children: Clinical, Diagnostic and Immunological Changes

Why heart lesions in children happens as a result of Covid-19 infection.

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Tonsils Are Major Sites Of Prolonged Sars-Cov-2 Infection In Children

Children have in many cases the virus still active in the body after appearing recovered. Problematic says study.