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The “All about children & Covid” link-page

Here we are trying to put all the important links on children and Covid, be it Long Covid, vaccines, mitigation etc we will put them here.

Heart inflammation among most common long COVID conditions in children

38 studies on Covid and its most common impacts on the health of children and adolescents

British Medical Journal on not protecting children during the pandemic (school mitigation etc)

Blood vessel damage in children

How to improve indoor air quality

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends masks in schools for everyone over 2, regardless of vaccinations

Neurological risks and damages in children infected by Covid

Your Kid’s School Needs Better Ventilation to Help Keep COVID-19 in Check

New symptoms found in COVID-infected children raise concerns in Hong Kong

Blood clots, heart problems, kidney failure: COVID creates a higher risk for rare pediatric health problems, new CDC study finds

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