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Is the Hygiene Hypothesis True?

Nope. Been debunked for both infections and allergens.

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Covid-19 Seriously Weakens Your Immune System

A few scientists early on suspected that Covid-19 damage important parts of the immune system in a way that opens up for other infections and cancer. They were right.

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It seems not all Covid-19 patients develop antibodies

Note eryone develops antibodies against SARS-Cov-2 when infected. It isn’t suprising since it is a common result when the same thing is investigated in other viral infections. Many factors are involved.

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Covid affects the immune system long after infection is over (in severe cases)

There are coming reports on Covid’s effects on the immune system, and neither of them are sunny. This study from the Linköping University in Sweden shows that severe cases has long lasting effects on T-cells and other parts of the immune system similar to chronic HIV-infections. Yet another reason to not get infected.